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Curious about Family Worry Group?

Check out the buzz about group

Our first anxiety group mini session is almost done and we are excited to share with you what we have been working on! Both parents and children have been learning new ways of coping with anxiety in their family.

We all got tangled in a worry web on the first family night. Everyone loved performing during feeling charades. The children in group have been working hard on their worry ladders. Each week they are taking new steps using the skills they have learned.

Parents report they are seeing their children be more confident in school and social situations. They are being brave and using their STAR and balloon breaths to try new things.  The kids are really excited to show their worry boxes during our booster session!

Parents are saying:

“My daughter enjoys group and is more at ease with her worrying.”

“It was great having my child hear that she is not the only one to have worries.”

 Kids are saying:

“Learning the new ways to breathe was fun!”

“I wouldn’t change anything about group because I enjoyed it!”