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    Creating Lifelong Connections for Children with Parents, Peers and the Community



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    Individual and family therapy for children experiencing a stressor, and those with mental health issues and developmental delays. All sessions are currently being offered in person.

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    Coaching sessions designed to provide new tools for parents to help with children's self-regulation, anxiety, anger, sibling issues or family conflict. All sessions are currently being offered through our HIPPA compliant telehealth platform.

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    Family, play therapy & psycho-education about emotions, why emotions are important and how to handle big feelings especially anxiety and anger. Mindfulness training is incorporated into treatment.

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    Educational and Neuro-psychological testing to determine learning disabilities, giftedness, learning styles and diagnosis attention and executive functioning weaknesses.

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    Comprehensive evaluations to determine developmental or mental health issues, with an expertise in sorting through multiple or complex diagnoses.


    Comprehensive evaluations with no wait times to determine an autism spectrum disorder with meaningful recommendations

  • About Us

    At Milestones Psychology and Wellness, we strive to help children and families develop new skills and confidence to reach their fullest potential.  Our treatment is grounded in relationship based methods to foster meaningful connections to peers, parents and the community.  Our cutting edge therapeutic interventions are based on the most up to date science of the developing brain. Together we can make lasting changes to how the brain connects and responds!

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    Our Work with Children

    After an initial evaluation, individualized, meaningful and specific goals are created with the help of parents. These goals are then met using a number of therapeutic interventions specifically chosen to match your child's current needs, development and skill set.  Our safe, warm and connected environment fosters the space needed to make lasting changes.  

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    Our Work with Parents

    Parents are a critical component of the success of our work and are seen as partners in their child or family's treatment. Parents are provided with coaching sessions in which to take home the work occurring in therapy to generalize and practice new skills.  Parents are taught new skills to engage with their child based on current brain development research.  

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    Director, Dr. Margot Burke

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    Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

    Doctorate of Psychology, Clinical Child Psychology, 2002

    Masters of Science, School Psychology, 1999


    Concentration in Treating Children Birth through Five

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    Licensed Child Psychologist


    Director, 2004-Present


    Provide individual and family psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and families in an outpatient setting from a mutli-modal treatment model.  Perform psychological assessments to determine learning differences and developmental evaluations, including autism diagnosis, in order to provide effective treatment recommendations.  Provide therapy, coaching and psycho-education to parents whose children are in treatment, and to families who are determining the best course of therapeutic treatment for their child.  Analyze current home therapy programs and recommend necessary changes. Provide consultation and training on various topics related to young children and children with autism to parents and agencies.  


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    The Center for Autism


    Clinical Director, 2011-2014

    Provided clinical supervision, administrative and financial leadership to multiple treatment programs for children, adolescents, young adults and families affected by autism spectrum disorder from a multicultural population. Oversaw, designed, and trained over 100 staff on the delivery of treatment services based on the philosophy, goals and objectives of the various programs at headquarters and satellite location to achieve targeted outcomes. Ensured consistency and accuracy of treatment interventions through standardized data collection across programs and locations. Designed, implemented and launched various new programs to increase treatment options for children and families, including all staff hiring, training and on-going supervision. Collaborated with multiple services providers including the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services, Department of Human Services, Early Intervention, the School District of Philadelphia, alternate treatment providers and medical professionals. Worked closely with human resources, quality improvement and financial teams to ensure the Center’s strategic plan was fulfilled. Led peer supervision group, CFA Connect Committee and student interns. Participated on the senior management team.


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    The Center for Autism


    Pre-K Program Director, 2008-2011

    Provided clinical supervision and administrative leadership to mental health clinicians, family consultants and program aides in a non-profit intensive early intervention setting for children 2 to 6 years of age on the autism spectrum from a multicultural population. Overhauled the treatment service delivery model to modernize and reorganize the structure, update and standardize the therapy resulting in CARF accreditation. Projected, developed, and implemented strategies to manage program growth and ensure self-funding and sustainability of programs. Motivated staff during significant changes to the program including reorganization, launching a new site and tripling census numbers. Created auditing procedures to ensure client medical records met licensing requirements. Designed, implemented and managed behavioral intervention plans based on data collection and analysis to decrease moderate to severe maladaptive behaviors of the children. Collaborated with related services professionals and participated in multi-disciplinary treatment team.


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    Bancroft NeuroHealth


    Senior Psychologist, 2004-2008

    Provided clinical supervision and administrative leadership to master’s level school psychologists in a non-profit special education school for persons 5 to 21 years of age with developmental disabilities and mental health impairments. Led performance improvement committee on the design, implementation and analysis of an agency wide database to research the use of emergency restraint procedures. Designed, implemented and managed behavioral intervention plans based on data collection and analysis, to decrease moderate to severe maladaptive behaviors. Provided consultation and on-going training to teachers and staff regarding behavioral and teaching interventions. Provided individual therapy, group social skills training, conducted psychological assessments, participated in multi-disciplinary treatment team and collaborated with residential programs.

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    Trinitas Hospital


    Staff Psychologist, 2002-2004

    Performed individual, group and family psychotherapy for partial hospital and outpatient units with children three to five years of age from a multicultural population. Diagnoses of children in treatment consistent of a wide range of childhood disorders including physical and sexual trauma. Conducted psychological evaluations with children three to eighteen years of age from various units of the hospital. Consulted with mental health workers on specific behavior modification techniques for individual children. Provided intensive case management, coordinated managed care benefits, participated on multidisciplinary treatment team and in individual and group supervision.

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    Princeton Child Development Institute


    Behavior Analyst, 1996-1997

    Instructed children with autism using applied behavioral analysis. Developed and designed individualized curriculum programs and specific goals and objectives. Responsible for collecting and analyzing educational and treatment data as it applied to individual children. Promoted generalization of learned materials and behaviors from the clinical setting to the home and community



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